Danieli Centro Maskin HiGrind technology for automatic control of billet grinding

Last November Danieli Centro Maskin successfully commissioned two billet-grinding units for Jiangsu Shagang Group, in Zhangjiagang, China.

The plant processes square billets in two sizes, 140mm and 150mm, in maximum lengths of 16m. Both units are equipped with a belt-driven NGS16 spindle and 200kW of grinding power, allowing a total productivity of over 100,000 ton per year when operating in full skin mode.

The new units feature Hi-Grind technology to control grinding process, particularly grinding pressure and tolerance on removal while ensuring full safety.
Danieli Automation developed and supplied the automation and electric components for the mechanical units which were manufactured at specialized Danieli China workshop in Changshu.
Erection and commissioning were completed in approx. three months.
Zhangjiagang Works was one of the first plants in China to install Danieli billet grinders back in 2009.

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