• High-quality copper wire rod for the expansion of renewable energy production in China
  • Unique casting process that precludes porosity in the casting bar's core
  • CONTIROD® is a fully integrated casting and rolling process for the production of very fine-grained copper wire rod

The Amer International Group, based in Shenzhen, China, has placed an order with SMS group for eleven CONTIROD® copper wire rod plants (CONTIROD® is a registered trademark of Aurubis Belgium). The new plants will produce 8 mm copper wire rod, to be used in the production of a range of different electrical conductors. The Chinese market needs these above all for the ambitious expansion of the wind power and energy networks. By expanding its production capacities, Amer Group is well equipped to meet the huge increase in demand for high-quality copper wire rod.

This strategic decision strengthens the relationship with SMS group that spans over a decade. Four CONTIROD® plants have already been successfully put into operation at the Amer Group since 2009. These new orders underline the customer's confidence in CONTIROD® technology. With an additional eleven highly efficient CONTIROD® plants, Amer Group is ideally positioned in a market that is experiencing tremendous growth.

CONTIROD® is the only manufacturing process for cast wire rod that utilizes a Hazelett twin-belt casting machine. A decisive factor behind the excellent product quality is the near horizontal casting method that can physically preclude porosity in the casting bar's core. The well-proven CONTIROD® rolling mill with individual drives shapes the casting bar into fine-grained copper wire rod. The completely overhauled cooling section features two separate media circuits and provides the basis for the high-quality wire rod surface. In the first phase, the wire rod is deoxidized by treating it with a water-alcohol mixture. It is then cooled down further with water.

The new CONTIROD® plants are equipped with the latest technical solutions for producing high product quality at the lowest process costs. A large number of sensors and control elements work in conjunction with the specially developed software to ensure high process reliability and reproducible quality.

Commissioning of the new facilities is scheduled for the period 2022 through 2024.

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