These new published two books are handbooks for students at technical universities and engineers working in rolling mills. They can be used for their individual examination preparations and for upgrading basic knowledge in rolling theory. Latter is necessary for solving daily challenges in practical work. Some equations are compiled to provide practical estimations of rolling parameters to be used in daily work.

The author Michael Degner is Lecturer at TU Clausthal in the field „Measuring and Automation Technology“ and had been Guest Lecturer at TU Misis (Moscow) in the field “Process and Plant Technology of Hot Strip Production”. Michael Degner is Technology Engineer at SMS group GmbH.
He has published so far 72 papers and is holding 18 essential patents.

The author Heinz Palkowski is giving lessons anually at Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, at GIFT, POSTECH, Pohang, South Korea and semestral at SSAU, Samara, Russia. Heinz Palkowski is Chair of Metal Forming and Processing at TU Clausthal.
Heinz Palkowski published since 2000 more than 112 papers and another 65 as coauthor. In 2015 he got the "Best Paper Award" (EMR).

The books are available in print or as E-Book's. The E-Book licence is for one person without any technical limit (no DRM, Watersign, etc.). You can buy them (Print and E-Book) in our shop and the printed edition is also available in common Bookstores.

"Basics" gives the basic equations and nomenclature of hot and cold rolling technology including the derivation from physical laws like mass and energy constancy and the third Newton axiom. These equations are used for the exercises given in “Fit for hot and cold rolling of strips”.

"Exercises" is a compilation of further explanations of technological aspects in the field of hot and cold rolling of strip material is the prosecution of the books “Mathematics for physicists and engineers – Basics” and “Technology of Hot Strip Production – Calculation examples and exercises” and “Modern Hot Strip Production – Process and Plant Technology”. The latter one gives the theoretical and technical information for process understanding and the basic information for solving the exercises.

Both together are focusing on engineers at site in Hot Strip Mills and Cold Rolling Mills and students of rolling techniques. The addressed and discussed problems are near to practice and give students and engineer’s hints for answering typical daily questions. For metal forming students the books guarantee assistance due to preparation of examinations at the universities. Moreover, they help to understand the process and its side effects. According to the slogan “From a practitioner to practitioners” a complete derivation of the rolling theory is not given in the formulation of the necessary basic rolling formula. Theory is introduced only as far as necessary to get a meaningful understanding of the hot and cold rolling process.

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Fit for hot and cold rolling of strips - Exercises: 17,90 Euro (incl. 7% tax)

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